Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Never ending update


Uuh, this is gonna be my 4th draft blog post. I was halfway writing up until my cheeky notty boy conquered the phone. Or asking me to take his video - sing, dance & talk.

So, I have no idea where to start. A lot of things happened in the past few weeks, I was extremely busy with work & still traveling like crazy, I'm still recovering from the miscarriage, I have started playing futsal but got really pancit after 5 minutes in the court, I've been baking a lot, i have to pack my things and move to a new workstation which I really hate the location (sebelah Bos plak tu), So that's basically my short update!

The performance review time had passed and I still haven't got a clue what is my rating. But somehow, a manager accidentally forward an email to his subordinates that got the rating for all our staff in the department, who's on top and bottom. So his subordinates shared the email with me. Hehe. Mmg sengal. Next time u shud read first before forward any emails x pun delete all the confidential info.

Anyway, my cheeky boy is growing up so fast!! Oh man, it's amazing to see how grown up he is now. Now he's starting making sentences in English, most of the time, so BM will sounds a lil bit funny or very direct (mcm ayat perintah). Recently his friend hit him at skool. So the conversation goes like this...

Me: so, what did u learn at skool today.. Did any of your friend or your teacher hit you?
Naufal: yes, jericho hit Naufal here (Showing the head). Then Naufal cry.. (crying sound .. Uuuu)
Me: what did u say to jericho?
Naufal: no jericho, don't hit me.No,no.

Oh boy, in few years time we'll be sending him to primary school!

Anyway, I'm missing my little angel. He/she could have been 19 weeks by now.


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