Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post Natal Care


Currently waiting for my tukang urut to arrive. Im starting my post natal care - urut, tungku & tangas session today for will continue until 5 days.

Well, I do feel the different now, coz the 1st pregnancy was C-Sect so you couldnt feel the different at the 'bottom part' & also rahim. But now since I had gone through D&C which is quite similar to normal delivery, it was weird! Sometimes I feel like mcm masuk angin or else. I rarely not on my socks, am wearing long sleeves at night or a cardigan. Worse if masa hujan, mmg rasa cam ngilu2 badan.

I first thought it is not necessary to berurut, since it was just a miscarriage. After a week resting, Im still feeling weak and sgt takut nak keluar rumah or jalan jauh2. (tp td terpaksa gi office buat claim yg melambak tu.. huhu). So Hubby also suggested that maybe I need a urut session. Luckily I still have the number, Mek yg tukang urut masa my 1st dulu. Mmg best! Terus turun sampai 8kg but seriously, yg bertangas tu mmg keluar air mata and selalu nak skip. 15 minutes felt like forever!

Seriously, now I am really berpantang mcm org bersalin. Dulu pantang jugak, but still ada malas2 pakai socks..hehe.. Skrang mmg x berani. I also feel that I need a fast recovery before going to work again lepas raya Haji.

So, ok lah, Mek will be here anytime. Can't wait!



sha said...

la dulu malas nak pantang ke? nak kene dia neh. hehe. Tapi berpantang ni best la sebenarnya..suke je. Gud luck!

~Mrs Fred~ said...


malas pakai socks n lengan panjang jer.. hehe.. tp now mmg full time pakai.. seram sejuk!

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