Friday, October 28, 2011



Looks like I have plenty of time blogging, eh. Well, I really missed this moment. Where I have my own sweet time blogging and watching the cooking show in TV. Luckily Hubby is refraining me from doing ANY job, which includes cooking. Else I might trying cooking new recipes as shown in the TV. Hehe.

Anyway, alhamdullilah, I'm feeling much better now, except for the stomach pain n the bleeding that come and go. Is that normal? I thought after D&C you won't be having any bleeding. I'll keep that question during my review session with Dr Krishen next Monday.

So, with my spare time today, I have been reading my oldest-older-newer post in blog. While I was reading it, I had a big laugh, giggle and even tears coming out. Oh, it's all about the memories. Some of the posts have also been deleted and completely erased from my memory (yeah right) which is quite impossible to be true. I started blogging since 2004 during my student time in UK and I had lots of memories there, ups & down. The first post was written when it was snowing in Sheffield. I also think it's too valuable and I've decided to keep it for my children to read later and find out who their mommy really was..hehe..

The best memories are the ones that you can't explain and you just have to be there.

I've deleted some though, which was related to my x-bf. Of course I don't want to remember it anymore and xnak one day Hubby got time to read my old posts and read those. So, it's best not to keep any lah kan. Hehe

So yeah, that's what I did for today. And now I missed Sheffield so bad though baru je gi sana last year. Hehe.

Oklah, another cook show on TV.

Till then.

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~ez~ said...

akaakkkk....!!! heee....actually kaann..aritu kaann..ez masa tengah bosan banyak masa tatau nak buat ape...dok baca blog akak dr awal..ngeh ngeh..termasuklah nampak gambo x akak tu..ngeh ngehhh.. ;) sempat la baca suma suma..hehehe..bab x ni mmg rsnya xbest kalo simpan.huhu

~Mrs Fred~ said...


malunya Ez baca entry dulu2.. hehe.. now dah delete dah mana2 yg related ngan x bf. tp x sempat nak review semua, delete mana yg obvious jer.. hehe..

xpe, husband akak pun malas nak komen byk2.. dia kata ramai sgt bf akak dulu dia dah tak tahu mana satu..hehe

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