Tuesday, July 05, 2011



Gosh, I didn't realized that this blog has been in a hiatus mode for quite some time. I've also missed reading few entries from my friends.

Lots of things happened for the past few months. Borneo games & trip to Kuching, my son got 9 stitches on the chin, more stress at work but the best part is alhamdulillah, the bonuses!!

Last year rezeki traveling, last month we all got quite an amount of bonus from the company n sujud syukur again for the performance bonus as well. It was also the highest % of increment that I got since I joined this organization. So, despite the pressure, stress n hard time those days, it really worth it. Since then, I am more excited n motivated to do my job.. Heheh.. If every year camni kan best.. Hehe

Anyway, Ilham got injured when we went back to Seremban. He was playing with the cousin and the next thing I heard was his unusual cries. We immediately drove him to A&E KPJ Sban and that was it, the 9 stitches! OMG, you cannot imagine how he was screaming n crying when the doc injected the bius on the stitched area. I was shocked that the doctor did not gave him anything to make him unconscious or sleep.. Just like that! How should I know, they never asked me pun for any option.

Ahh.. Malas nak cited panjang abis about this. I should make a special entry later. Huhu. As a lesson learnt to other parents too.

So oklah. Sleepy n tired already. Continue later k. Yg tiba2 rajin update ni coz baru download blogpress in my iPhone.. Hehe.. My iPad is officially not mine anymore, coz Ilham play with it most of the time., date why x dpt nak update blog jugak..

Oklah. Syukur alhamdulillah again atas segala rezeki yg Allah turunkan n syukur jugak, nothing really bad happened to my cheeky boy. Now mummy become xtra cautious sgt. Huhu


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zurahimi muslim said...

uhuk nape aku tak rasa ada motivation neh wolopon dpt bonus...heh...

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Zura: ko lg harus motivated.. Dpt lebih.. Hehe.. Ala, aku motivate diri untuk buat keje yg aku suka je.. Keje2 present, reporting ni mmg malas..

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