Friday, April 22, 2011



My little boy was already asleep since 5pm. I'm sure he will ask for milk during the midnight later..

Anyway, today I wasn't feeling very well. Spinning head and sengal2 satu badan. I also think that I got the gastric pain today, as I didn't eat a proper meal this morning. Naufal however, was showing a bit of tantrum. Every weekends or public holiday we normally bring him to the playground, or to the beach. But today, since I was not that well, we just spent time at home, I guess that was why dia meragam je.

So there were few times which I got mad at him. I almost yelled at him. Gosh, fikir2 balik kesian dia. Most of the time I will only stare deeply into his eyes without saying any word. He will then kelip2 mata dia n buat muka. But later, he, cheeky boy will run to me and give me a hug, asking for forgiveness - I think so. Sometimes he will stare back at me and give the cutest smile on earth pastu gelak2, tanpa rasa bersalah.. Huhu..

But then again, do I have to be that mad with a toddler? I felt really guilty the way I have treated him today. If I could just be a little bit of patience. *sigh* Yelling at him is just making things worst. Kesian amanat yg Allah dah bagi..isk.isk.. Kena muhasabah diri balik ni.. Huhu

So, insyaAllah esok pagi will bring him to the playground.. If I can spent extra time at work, why not with my own precious?

Ok, mommy will try to improve ya!


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rafaliah said...

Fizza, spend more time with him. Sumtimes toddler yg tak reti berckp betul2 ni cara dia memberontak camtu lar.. kita sbg ibu kena noticed that one.kalau dah marah, kena bgtau dia kenapa kita marah then hug n kiss dia.. inshaALLAH dia lebih faham nnt.. tapi kena byk bersabar yea.. :)

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