Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Upside Down


Gosh. It has been 2 months. Unbelievable that I could survived without blogging.

Actually, there were few times that I started writing an entry but never ended it. Either I was distracted by my cheeky boy, even now I got my iPhone, he conquered the Ipad, but when I was about to use the iPhone he wants it too. Now looks like both are his. Blame the technology! Haha.

Now Im at KLIA waiting for my parents to handover my Naufal. hehe.. cian dia..

Anyway, for the past 2 months my life was so upside down. Nothing to do with personal, its all work related. There were also moments how I wish I didn't choose engineer as my career. Stress lah sgt2. Workload is just too much. Even though now I got 2 engineers under me, but still, I have to think of how to distribute the work and guide them to the right path. Haha.. karang sesat susah.

But alhamdulillah, besides the hard times, Allah always have a reward for us. Syukur sgt, they have concluded the performance rating and I was one of the luckiest employees.. :p. So glad that for three (3) consecutive years, I managed to maintain the rating. This is rezeki for Naufal, I guess. Or maybe for new baby (haha.. no no no.. not pregnant yet..)

But again, to maintain the performance its even more difficult. People expectation becomes high to you. Everybody expect you to perform more than others. As a human being, of course you'll never get away from doing the wrong things. But somehow the managers do not accept this. So camane? Do I have to become a bionic woman instead??

So for this year, I've made up my mind to stay low. Here's what I can think off:-

1. Spend more quality time with my precious little boy and my significant other half.
2. Plan for more vacation.
3. Don't care what people will say.
4. Planning for the second one, insyaAllah. hehe.
5. Pass my ACD with not so flying colours.
6. Do more technical stuff than contract or management stuff which are not helping my ACD at all!
7. Be more efficient at work.
8. Leaves the office as early as 4.30 so that can bring Naufal to playground.

and the list goes on. Never ending.

Thanks to Hubby who is very supportive, patience and understanding. Lets plan for another vacation. hehe..

Love you so much. xoxo.


zurahimi muslim said...

Congratrs wink. Stay E1 dulu sbb ranking dh senang. Dh senior dari E1 lain kata. :)

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Thanks! Congrats kt ko gak, lg hebat.. Hehe.. Btol2.. Lama2 sket E1.. Haha.. Nak2 plak Realign ni.. Susah sket la this year.. Huhu

rafaliah said...

Fizza, aku suka plan kau yg no.4 tu.. hehe.. aku pun sama..inshaALLAH..btw, tahniah! itu semua berkat usaha .. u deserve it taw..!:)

~Mrs Fred~ said...


Thanks! Alhamdulillah rezeki Naufal.. Btw, ko pun ek? Hehe.. Jgn lupa share if Ada gud news..

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