Monday, February 28, 2011



It has been a hectic month for me. It's the time of the year where everybody spent most of their time in the office for the performance write up and try to complete whatever outstanding task left.

As for me, the week where I need to submit my write up to my boss was the same week with my ace workshop! Luckily hubby still on mc coz of his finger injury and my parents was here so it was my mom who cooked everyday.

On Saturday morning, which was my traveling day to Kerteh, got an email from the boss saying that I need to submit the blockbuster (whatever!) by midnight or else he will drop the name from rating 2 list. Dahlah mmg tgh stress kena travel, then another unnecessary stress lagi nak fikir what to write. But i just didn't bother. Lantaklah. I submitted mine of the next day, if dia nak accept, acceptlah, nak reject pun, sukahatilah. I've done my part and the rest I leave it to Allah. Tawakal.

Anyway, I miss blogging.

Then I realized that it's been a while since the last post about my cheeky notti boy. He is growing up so fast, he pronounced few words right - milk, bird, daddi, Lola, kakak, atuk, wa, apple, banana and many more. Most of the time he will speak his 'french' or 'german'. Kinda late for his age actually but tak kisahlah, as long as he understands well what we say to him. Maybe coz dia start jalan cepat kot. Hehe.

He is also an extreme user of iPad. What can I say? :p

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SHiK's_DaUs's said...

wah ima... ilham dah bercakap eh skrg... erfan n sophie asyik huh huh huh jer lagi... yg paling clear mama n papa jerk... lain tadak... huhuh

rafaliah said...

huhu..syok wooo bila anak kita dah start bercakap.. macam irfan.. asyik gelak je if kitorg tak fhm ape dia ckp.. pastu dia pun gelak best..

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Few words je betul2 Ada bunyi but most of the time dia ckp German dia..haha.. Sure twins ko lagi cepat cakap nanti, Ada 'cikgu' Lana..hehe

Syok jgk.. Time kitaorg borak dia pun menyampuk.. Tp skrang ni tgh kemaruk nyanyi... Haha..

rafaliah said...

kemaruk menyanyi..? SANGAT like mommy like son occayyy...!! hahaha..

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