Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bola oh bola


Ok, the reason why I'm blogging now coz we lose the futsal game just now. So close anyway. They lead 1-0 then we managed to make it even. But somehow to the very last minute they got another goal. Didn't expect that though, coz I was hoping for a penalty which will gives us 50/50 winning chance and it's all depending on luck anyway.

I cried as soon as the wisel was blown - the game has ended. Such a baby kan! Huhu.. I felt that I didn't quite perform and most of the time my team mates unable to make a good finishing after I had struggled hard to pass the ball to them. Not that I blame them, but maybe it wasn't good enough. As a captain, I took full responsibility for what had happened. So, that's why frustration tu lebih sikit kots..

Anyway, just to recap..The biggest mistake that we made tonight was we didn't do well in defending the other team. They were left out all by themselves most of the time and myself who were supposed to stay forward had to run all the way to defend. I guess my teammates got nervous breakdown agaknya, masing2 lupa what their position is. So can you imagine, me at 30yrs old had to run back n forth?? By the time nak shoot dah takde energy ok.. Huhu.. Tadi ptg pulak was rushing to specialist hospital coz hubby's finger dislocate gara2 hebat sgt jadi keeper semalam. Sib baik menang, kalau kalah sia2 je sakit..haha..

Furthermore, I used to play with my two other teammates who are both now pregnant at the same time! So td diaorang kt luar kaki dah gatal2 je nak menendang.. Hihi.. They were screaming like hell from outside the court.. Haha.. Maybe things would be easier n less pressure on me if they are able to play.

So as a result, our team is now in the loser pool. Need to keep on winning all games starting tomorrow, if kalah mmg out terus lah nanti.. Keep my fingers cross now...

Klah, felt better after writing this.. hehe.. Hope for better luck for tomorrow's game..

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CuppyCakeMommy said...

wahhh..gempaknya still leh main futsal..mmg tabik springs la..
btw babe..i ada buat promotion puzzle sets for your kid..jom terjah

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