Monday, January 24, 2011



It has been a hectic day today.. Few weeks back I was given a task as a team leader for an event at the office.. Why I was chosen in the first place not because I am a true leader but I wasn't in the department meeting when the boss wanted to decide on who's gonna lead the activity. So somebody suggested my name and boss couldn't agreed more, especially when he noticed that I wasn't there. (yeah..this is the 3rd time me not in the meeting coz it's so happened that I always got something to do, or maybe I planned it..haha)

Anyway, I took the responsibilities with separuh hati.. Haha.. So I gathered everyone in the department and formed a team.. But actually I kinda like it, as a leader you just monitor n support your team..hehe.. We decided to play WLD using reliability elements & a 10 minutes play.. Unfortunately, at the very last minute the pla was cancelled, coz the main actor got an important job in Labuan..

And see how's the results! The team really all out in the preparation n also the promotion! Beria-ia.. Haha.. And guess what, everyone had so much fun during the activity.. Mmg kelakar.. Somebody drew mount Kinabalu with somebody on the top the mountain and that team managed to get the answer right - HVAC.. Heating, ventilation & air conditioning! They really think out of box.. Hehe..

So yeah, did I regret taking the responsibility? Of course not! Hehe.. it won't be successful without the team spirit n support..

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Anonymous said... tak pakai ipad.. ape lagi ek fugngsi dia.. tgk mcm besttt..aduhhh..kene kmpul duit ni..hihih

~Mrs Fred~ said...


kompem besss.. Faiz mesti suka nyer.. haha.. tp mmg syiok laa.. lebih kurang cam iphone, tp besar..

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