Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well spent weekend


Yes, I know. I have abandon my blog for quite some time. Bad..bad..

I've actually tried to update few times, but my itsy bitsy boy always took my precious moment when I was about to start blogging. He can't see me be in front of the desktop or even worst with my iPad or he will start asking for his animal apps or the flash card abc apps..(ohh..dont blame the technology)

Anyway, now that he is 19months, it's amazing to see him growing up so fast but at the same time it's very painstaking to know that he is a picky eater. I've read somewhere, that most likely it's genetic and can't do much about that either. Hmm.. Now we keep accusing each other, but seriously, that sounds SO like his daddy..hehehe..

Ilham really likes to spend time at the beach..He loves the sand and sgt x takut with the waves.. So it's kinda one of our must do activity now during weekend, when hubby's around.. We tried to erect our tent that day, but it was soooo windy and cold..

See how cheeky he is! Notty pun ada jugak sometimes.. But at nursery they said that he is a very active boy.. Org lain tido, dia jaga n kacau org tido.. Haha.

Ilham with his sand tools.. My friends said that he looks like such a grown up boy, not a toddler anymore from this pics.. Hehe..

That's me with hubby at the back.. Not sure what he was trying to do.. Hehe..

For sure we'll go the beach again when hubby's back in two weeks time!


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Location:Tanjung Aru beach, KK

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