Sunday, November 07, 2010

too much caffeine


I think I've had too much coffee today. I started off with cafe mocha at one of the kopitiam (with nasi lemak) but it tasted *yucks* so I went to Starbucks to have a real good one. There was a promotion - buy 1 drink free 1 and I couldn't say NO to that. To a creme brulee macchiato hot + cold, are you kidding me? hehe

~my cheeky boy with his lolipop~

And that explains why am I still awake at this hour.

But the good thing is, at least I did some reading for my assessment next month. Still long way to go, another half of the modules kena close. Next month will be my 2nd assessment. I don't want to put high hope, as it really depends on who will be your assessor. So, wait till I know who the assessors are, then only I could figure out what are the chances of scoring 80% base and key technology. I don't really think that it is possible for me to close all the gaps, anyway. Takpelah, insyaAllah next year. Karang close cepat2 kena suruh transfer lak. hehe..

K lah.. nak sambung study.



Ili Syazwani MK said...

Kak ima, Ili belasah creme brule 2 cup sorang. Satu dine in, satu bawak balik. 3 hari dah hihihihih

~Mrs Fred~ said...


hoho, jaga, nanti baju tak muat.. :p

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