Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Countdown to..


Alhamdulillah, the trip is finally on. Despite all the hard time that I went through of getting it approved, Allah makes it easy at the end of the day. I don't want to story the details of what had happened, dah dpt gi pun dah bersyukur. InsyaAllah we will depart on 10th Nov.

Its actually a business trip and it is so happen that the factory is in California, near Los Angeles. I'm going to witness a factory acceptance test (FAT) of my project at the manufacturing facilities and also to witness the packaging. Make sure that the product doesn't made in China, which happens to many other brand. Excited, but nervous though, hope everything goes well with the testing and inspection. Kalau semua OK, January install offshore. cepat2 lah habis. I can't wait.

Anyway, hubby will also go along but poor my cheeky boy will have to stay with his Atuk & Uwan in Seremban. The reason why this time we don't want to bring him is because of the 19hours flight! OMG. I am totally going to freak out. The last time after we came back from UK I had flu & fever on/off for 2 weeks. Doc said it was fatigue. Oh, I also wrote a post about how sick I was and how my boy totally refused to eat rice, till now.

I haven't done any packing yet, still going through the related documents for the FAT. Workload is enormous, seriously. Even worse after the AC3 workshop that I've attended and we have a group field work to complete before the next workshop in Dec and that needs to be presented to our management committee in 3 weeks time and yet we haven't started anything. Oh, ACD is also around the corner (why the h3ll they do it in Dec this time???), last year it was in January.

So, this week and next week gonna be my busiest week as I need to clear my outstanding task before leaving for the States. No blog entry tau - awal2 bagitau. hehe.

Btw, my top of the list now is iPad - I am SO gonna get you! hehe. I think I really need to reward myself. How could I not resist to buy one kan?? Buying iPad through online is really cool, as you get free engraving. Now I'm thinking what to write there. hehe.

OKlah. gtg. Cheeky boy wants his mommy. Tata.


sheschocoholic said...

wahhhhh!!! BESHNYAAAAAAA!! jelessss..ez sampai skg blom honeymoon pon..uhuhuhu ;((

~Mrs Fred~ said...

alhamdulillah rezeki ez..

lorr.. camane pulak tak honeymoon lagi ni..kena pergi cepat! hehe

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