Sunday, October 17, 2010

On top of the desk & Sunday outing


Well, the same reason why I almost abandon this blog. Don't ask.

Then luckily, my officemates (husband & wife), who is also my next 2 doors neighbour is so generous and they gave their wireless streamyx pssword to us until we get our own. (waiting for my brother, he's a TM staff) The connection is not that superb, but bolehlah survive. hehe. Thanks to them!

Anyway, I gave up using laptop to do office work at home. So yesterday we bought a new set of desktop + 20" monitor. Suke sgt! Its like a dream comes true. Haha. Puas hati giler. Lately, keje makin bertambah2. Next week, I have a 5 days ACE workshop and for the next 6 months, life will not be easy peasy.

Ah, malas nak citer pasal keje.

~ Lok Kawi Wildlife Park~

Today we went to Lok Kawi Zoo. Naufal really likes animals. He giggles everytime he sees animals and try to make the sound of that animal. We didn't take many pictures though, coz it was crazily hot and we were sweating like God-knows-what. In fact, we ride on a tram and didnt walk coz sgt mencabar kena naik turun bukit. haha.. and jauh sgt kena jalan. Its like walking in the jungle.

~ ni mmg trademark dia, suka buat mulut muncung..~

~ like mother like son lah kan..hehe~

Ptg pulak we went for swimming kat pool belakang rumah ni ha. Naufal also loves swimming, oh, water actually. Pantang nampak air, tak nak kena pegang, nak lepas je dalam kolam tu.. so berapa byk kali daa ter minum air kan.. hehe..

What a great Sunday I had with my loved ones. How I wish everyday is a Sunday. Mimpilah kan.

Klah, need to do some ironing. Bye!

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