Friday, October 08, 2010

half year gone


Its been a very hectic month for me after Syawal leave plus its now the time for Mid year performance write up. I'm so restless and tired. My boy wakes up very early these days, as early as 4.30am paling lewat 6.00am, can you imagine that??

Anyway, I'm done with my write up and review with my boss. Alhamdulillah, what a big relief! Ada sikit2 lagi nak kena touch up here and there. Don't ask about the rating, you'll never know what will happen in few weeks time during the challenge session. So I don't want to put high hopes, as long as Im not in the bottom category its more than enough. But anyhow, yes, getting a rating 2 would be a jackpot and stepping stone for the year end review later. Kalau ada rezeki, insyaAllah ada nanti. ;)

I might be not updating blog for a while, need to settle a lot of things before I'm off for another trip in November.. hehe.. but this one is subject to approval. Tak nak cerita until dah ada signature.

Oklah, Im too tired to write anything here. Better get some sleep..

C ya.

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