Sunday, November 07, 2010

safe & sound


There was a fire incident today at hubby's platform and what scared me most was it happened at the gas platform. It took them 2 hours to fight the fire, so you can imagine how big the fire was. All of them were getting ready to abandon the platform, the lifeboats engines were already started up, if they were unable to put off the fire away. I mean, gas platform?? Mmg kalau ada sikit jer gas leak tadi, ..... (tak nak cakap)

Alhamdulillah, there were no serious injury or any fatality (which is the very last thing everybody wants to hear). I haven't had any details of the incident yet, it started around 7pm and hubby called at 8.45pm. He said they'll be having a meeting in a shortwhile, so we didnt talk long. He just wanted to say that he is safe, everybody is safe and sound. Not to worry too much. I love you.

I am always nervous when I received a phone call from offshore, particularly from hubby's platform when he's on duty. Most of the time, I would be expecting hubby's call but I sometimes prepared myself for things that you never know when. Nauzubillah. But, there is always a possibilities for unwanted things to happen. You just have to be prepared.

Kalau dah Allah menentukan segalanya, tiada apa lagi yg dpt menghalang atau mengubah sesuatu itu.

Not once in my prayer, terlupa nak doakan hubby yg kat offshore. Semoga Allah makbulkan doa hambanya ini dan jauhkan lah hubby & friends dari kejadian yg tidak diingini. Amin.

Daddy, you know how much I love you.


zurahimi muslim said...

Alhamdullillah semua selamat. Mcm *mo gak haritu tapi xdek fire.
Btw, selamat jalan-jalan. Belikan aku macbook air satu! :p

Ili Syazwani MK said...

Sad. Sedihnya baca. Betul, kalau Tuhan dah kata jadi, maka jadi lah. Tak ada apa yang boleh menghalang. Kita doa je..

~Mrs Fred~ said...


sib baik tak meletup jer. giler. ecc pun diaorang tak activate. mmg calon2 M3 lah tu.


doa je lah. Allah penentu segala.

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