Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ready to go


Alhamdulillah, hubby came back home safely and didn't want to talk on what had happened at his platform coz he's excited about the trip! *ngehee*

We have done with packing, very light one I can assure you. hehe. Lesson learnt from the previous UK trip when we ended up buying another 2 more luggage bags. Hubby has gone to bed with the cheeky boy and I'm still awake to make sure that I don't miss anything in the list-to-bring.

Excited but sad though, coz Ilham will not be together with us for 7 days. I really hope he will be OK and not missing us so much. Lately, he seems so attached with me and today daddy dah balik pun he refused nak kena dukung with his daddy and that is SO unusual. So hubby pun sedih sikit lah.. hehe.. dahlah nak tinggalkan dia lagi esok. But dia dah plan amik cuti seminggu after we came back from US.

OK, I better get some sleep coz its gonna be a long journey tomorrow. Doakan a safe trip for us and more importantly, my project goes well! (better do!!). Amin...

InsyaAllah if the time permits, I'll post an update here.


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