Saturday, November 20, 2010

A long way home


Boy he is finally asleep! Now mommy can have my her sweet time for blogging.

Yes, we are finally back, in KK. Arrived Malaysia on the 17th Aidiladha itself so we stopover 2 nights at Seremban to perform the 'korban'. It was the longest trip I ever had, almost 20hours in the flight but it was also the longest time I ever slept in the journey. No serious jet lag at all, coz I managed my sleep in the flight according to Msia time.

Anyway, the trip was OK but I honestly prefer UK. It was difficult to find halal restaurant, no fish & chips coz everywhere were just burgers and pizza and mexican food. LA is near to Mexico so I guess that is why the Mexican takeaways are all over the places. Unlike UK, we can easily find kebab or worst case, fish & chips. So we got no energy to walk around.. haha.. like when we went to Disneyland, we couldnt find anything to eat, even the tuna sandwish. Org US mmg suka makan chicken or beef. Hubby plak is a very picky eater. The weather was crazily hot during day time but at night god it was freezing! Gila tak enjoy kat Disneyland coz takde energy. Makan aiskrim je. Mmg typical Malaysian. haha.

Uh, lupa plak nak cerita.. my FAT went well, alhamdulillah. We finished in one day and the next day they already packed the equipments to be shipped to Labuan. I hope during site installation will not be so much problem, insyaAllah. Nervous jugak, coz this is gonna be a new technology (pilot project).

Then we checked out from La Mirada area to Hollywood. This was when all the fun started. Universal studio was awesome! There was a Mediterranean cuisine near our hotel and it was delicious! Tiap2 hari kitaorang makan sana. hehe.. We enjoyed the hop on hop off bus tour around Hollywood and I think we should have spent more time in Hollywood, x yah gi Disneyland pun takpe.. Unless you bring small kids along, baru appreciate kot.. haha..

Klah.. this is my 3rd time editing this post.. asyik kena kacau ngan Naufal.. he wants to hear to his song - Maher Zain's Insha Allah, Ba ba black sheep & old macdonald. Tu je lah balik2..

Will post pics soon. Only God knows when. ;)

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