Monday, July 26, 2010

Sick,Eat & Exam


Yes, I have been sick for almost a week now. Unbelievable. The good side of this is I'm losing more weight. Almost 4 kilos now. Tp terseksa lah pulak kan..

Last week I got a day MC from the Dr and I was under medication for 4 days since then. Dr said I had viral infection maybe coz I didnt had enough sleep, not eating on time and stress plus the rainy season in KK now. Actually after coming back from UK I wasn't that fit - stress keje, byk sgt plus the jet lag and took some time for me to adjust. From what I remembered, when I was studying in UK it wasn't this bad at all (the jet lag) which only took 2-3 days to recover. So this morning I went to see the same Dr again and he was surprised that Im not getting any better, even worse. Haha. But I didn't mention to him that we went for a road trip to Sandakan (almost 6 hours driving from KK and we overnight at Kundasang and God it was freezing there! Just like Autumn in UK). So that explains why I'm still not recovering from the fever and flu. Hehe. - later lah story bout the trip..
~ Me + hubby @ Kundasang Pine R3sort.. sejuk tau.. hehe~

Ilham is also having flu and cough for almost a week now. His losing his appetite and he's getting slimmer each day and I'm worried. He only likes cereal+fresh milk, cakes, chocolates, bun with cream, fruits - to make it short, yg sweet2 jer.. amboii.. pandai betul memilih. If we try to feed him dia tgk dulu apa benda tu and terus paling muka and say "uh".
I think he's more like daddy on the eating side coz daddy also likes yg manis2 ni - cake, chocolate and segala.. ha, so don't blame your son ya dear.. But kat nursery he still eat the porridge, maybe ada kawan2 so dia excited nak makan. Now we are sending him to nursery even on Saturday, coz if kat rumah dia susah sgt nak makan. He started acting like this since we came back from UK, maybe kat sana tak makan nasi langsung tu yg dia dah tak nak.


I'm getting more sick when I received a notification that my API exam is now confirmed on 22nd September!! Ya Allah, nervousnya. I have forgotten all of it as I attended the training last year when I was 6 months pregnant. Mesti org tanya, nape tak amik je exam lepas tu - coz I was on maternity leave when the exam was in June and I wasn't ready for September nor December exam last year. And I think it was a mistake to sit for the exam in September this year - apekahh?? kan Raya! adoiii.. camane nak study time2 puasa +keje byk+ anak+ nak buat kuih *thn ni raya kat KK.. uhuk2..* mmg dugaan lah kan.. but what to do, its now confirmed and I have to start studying from now on.

Hope Allah will give me strength to get through this exam and untuk belajar bersungguh and pass the exam mcm Zura.. hehe - jeles gue.. dah ada 2 cert API..

K lah..its late.. I better get some sleep kalau tak karang sakit lagi.. Tata.


zurahimi muslim said...

huhu...gudlak weh..yakin boleh! btw, getwell soon!!

~Mrs Fred~ said...


thanks..dah nervous aku ni.. pastu contract kita lagi.. adoii.. lambat sket eh aku kasi..esok baru masuk ofis.. huhu

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