Friday, August 13, 2010

Salam Ramadhan!


OK, I have been super duper busy and tired and the internet connection demotivates me to blogging everyday. I think I'll terminate my mobile net and thinking of getting a streamyx.

Anyway, the magical month Ramadhan finally here. Alhamdulillah, it has been 3 days of fasting (2 days for me coz today I got my red flag..hehe). What I miss most is of course to solat terawikh. Since Ilham was born last year I didnt get the chance to perform tarawikh at mosque, kat rumah apa lagi lah kan.. dah penat and then bila sorang2 tak bersemangat. Hubby would prefer to solat at mosque which is only 5 minutes away from home. But this year I was thinking to try bring along this little cheeky boy to mosque and see how it goes from there. At home, when I'm alone and perform solat, he will sits next to the sejadah or betul2 kat depan sejadah. If letak dalam cot, he'll cry tak pun merengek2.. So far alhamdulillah, dia tak kacau.. he seems to understand.

If dia tak merayau2 & kacau org ok lah then. My parents are coming next week on Tuesday and hubby will also come back home on the same day.. yuhuuu..

Since both my seniors left, workload is one hell of a never ending story. Responsibilities are higher as well as expectations. Sometimes, there's a moment that I felt like its too much and I'm getting tired of it. But how could I not work hard when this company is trying to sack people out. So, I am force to work hard and smart and I really hate that. I really miss the moment when work was still managable and at the end of the month there's still satisfaction and you really appreciate what you are getting. Now, although they recently revised the salary but you know what it means, right? Work harder and harder. Contribute more, spent more hours in the office. *duhh*

So tell me, how do you balance your work-life-family?

Then, last week when I was so stressed out at the office and going crazy, I finally bought myself a COACH bag at RM700. hahaha.(kantoi browse benda lain time keje..hehe) Well, I was trying to support a friend of mine. She's currently has this online store selling those Coach bags at reasonable price. All the way from US. This is the MOST EXPENSIVE bag I ever bought in my whole entire life!!

I'll get the bag before Aidilfitri and I can't wait. So no more handbag for the next 5 years ya, or maybe I could ask from hubby next time. hehe.

Oklah, better get some sleep. Selamat berpuasa to all!


leeya said...

selamat berpuasa akak..dengar cite psl kerja akak tu pun buat ez tumpang letih gak..but what to do kann..huhuhu..pape pun all the best ye..

zurahimi muslim said...

Weh keje penat so takpe reward diri sendiri. Btw, cantek!

~Mrs Fred~ said...

ez: ez mesti sgt memahami kan.. nanti dah ada anak lagi faham.. hehe.. anyway, selamat berpuasa!

zura: betul2.. aku blum beli apa2 untuk reward diri sendiri lepas dpt bonus hari tu.. hehe..pejam mata je ni..

Anonymous said...

aler beb...700 apelah sangat dgn bonus 3setengah bulan tu..hehehhe/.kalo dpt ppa 1..lagila kene beli 2 beg coach..
cantikkkla beg yg jele sni...aku ni pun baru bli online coach..rasa mcm nak bli lagi...kemain gambo ko dgn hubby ko ye..mcm baru kawin..hehehhehehe..tahula hubby dekat..huhuhu...aku peluk faiz je lah..heheheh

~Mrs Fred~ said...

cery.. hihi.. duit dah habis masa gi uk hari tu tau.. uihh,. mana ada ppa 1, mimpilah nak dpt tu.. haha..

ko lagilah byk duit.. shaklee menjadi2 ni.. hehe.. kenalah beli berbakul2 coach.. haha..

mestilahh.. sejuk lah time tu wehh.. mmg ala2 autumn kat uk.. tu yg peluk semacam je tu.. hehe.. ala, takpe.. Faiz pun jadilah kan..

Anonymous said...

Subtlety is better than force. ......................................................................

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