Monday, July 19, 2010

never ending


I got to know that my senior will be joining other O&G company. He didn't inform me officially (wait till tomorrow during section meeting) but he informed my boss. We heard the rumours but I didn't expect it to happen this soon. In the middle of lots of on-going projects??? I mean, this organization is crazy! They don't value people and they just let people like him go away. He's like a TP to us and don't tell me you're expecting somebody to replace him (oh yes, its been 3 years since we had a real boss - not acting).

I mean, seriously. He's also my coach for my ACD.. uhuk2..sedihnya. Feels like crying out loud. He once was our acting boss and during his time, he made me what I am now. Not that I'm good but at least now I have interest in MCI. My background was Control System and 4 yrs back I was dying to change position and I REALLY hate MCI. But somehow he was very passionate in teaching and what I like most is everytime he's trying to explain something he'll take a piece of paper and draw on it. And I'm telling you he's really good in drawing. Oh, he should become a cartoonist instead. Haha.

Anyway, maybe he got a way better offer kan, so its also unfair to ask him to stay. I think he would also rather stay in sbo but nak buat camne, the ridiculuos policies and ntah apa2 lagi lah.. bertambah2 lagilah workload.. bilanya nak habis kan.. new projects keep coming and skrang pun mcm dah tak cukup tangan.. my junior is quite new but I'm hoping that he will learn fast and at least he could take over some of my task. hmm..

Spoil sgt mood keje hari ni. The boss said he'll be leaving middle of next month. *gosh*


zurahimi muslim said...


Mrs Zamzuri said...

work is a never ending story selagi kita ni masih keja kan? How i wish i can be a full time housewife!

its good that we bumped each other the day walaupon sekejap je!

~Mrs Fred~ said...

zura: yeeeeeee.. sedeynya aku...

qimie: yezz.. tiba2 rasa cam best nya dpt jadi hwife.. and kelakar giler antara byk2 tpt nak jumpa kat airport jugak.. haha..

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