Monday, July 19, 2010

A month and a half after..


Gosh, I cannot believed that I have abondon this blog for a month and a half! But actually, I did try to post something, few times then I just saved it as draft. It was unfinished story and I have forgotten what I wanted to say at that time. So delete je lah ek entries tu.

Aha, if you notice I got new layout here but I dont think its gonna be long. I might change to other layout or maybe back to the original one.. hehe..

Anyway, just came back from the UK conference cum holiday last week. Still haven't finished unpacking things coz few days later, hubby gone back to offshore and Im back to work with heavy workload and problems on my ongoing projects, uh.. The jet lag, of course.. Well, I'll try to write something on the trip later k, can't promise though. This bloody internet connection is really slow.

Ilham is now ONE year old and how amazing that is! We had his birthday bash few days before leaving for UK. Time flies really fast and hubby keep saying he missed the pregnancy time (hint* lah tu.. hehe). But we both agreed that we are not mentally physically ready for a baby sister/brother, yet. Oh, to be honest, it was only me. haha. Im not sure if I can handle a baby and a toddler when hubby is away for 2 weeks. My life would be totally upside down and you can't imagine how terrible I will be. Just look at me now and you'll get a clue.

~ see.. I was so in hurry and I just grab my maternity cardigan to catch the flight from KK-KL.. haha~

This is not the way I wanted it to be. I really want to be the same as when I was single and before Ilham was born with of course, to suit the married status lah kan (looking faboulous - sorrylah terperasan..hehe, very up-to date with the latest handbag and shoes design n fashion). And now I just don't have the time to do that (I wonder how others successfully did that!). I've lost interest in those. In fact when we were in UK at one of the designer outlet, I don't feel anything when I was looking at the handbag & clothes which is SO NOT me. Hubby was having thought that I will spend on clothing and handbag but it didn't turned out that way. Haha. All I think now is about our baby - his needs - cloths, toys.

So, are all married woman with children having the same thinking as I am?

Ok, there is a need of serious makeover here. At least my handbag. Shoes ok lah, I boughts like 4 pairs of Clarks shoes and a Timberland sandal (see, I should have bought Ferragamo -which I almost did or at least a pair of Russell & Broomley but x sampai hati nak spent the money. Clarks so cheap over there so I don't mind). Not a totally make over, but insyaAllah sikit2 and I think I also would like to change the tudung style from my couz - check out their blog. Unique and simple!

Apa lah merapu tgh2 malam2 ni. hehe.. Oklah, its late and I'll update again soon.


ieja said...

thinking of changing the tudung style jugak! tapi your couz ni macam tak senang jatuh ke? wuuu :)
nampak mcm messy sikit je? tak ke? =)

btw no worries, I bet mmg semua mommies feel the same like you =) after having a child, they'll put theirselves on the 2nd rank while the child get the first rank :)

~Mrs Fred~ said...


yuhuu.. u've got the mommyhood feeling ek.. hehe.. bagus2..good sign ni.

anyway, mmg nampak messy sikit kot, I haven't tried but tgk my cousin pakai cam cun jer.. (ke sebab dia mmg cun dah..hehe) maybe u can only wear this occassionally.. takdelah tiap2 hari.. pening lak nak pusing2 and lilit2 tudung.. hehe

ili syazwani said...

Hai kak ima haaa lama gila tak update okayy... Eh tudung tu ili pakai hari-hari. Dia berat tak jatuh hehehehehe.

Ili pun busy lately, lama jugak tak update blog. Dulu 2-3 hari sekali updatem skrg seminggu sekali pun susah.

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