Saturday, June 05, 2010

Fever & root canal


Since I was in Labuan, I had pain with my upper wisdom teeth yg tak pernah habis2 nak tumbuh since 3 years ago (Im still young, am I??). So I went to dentist and she suggested to extract that teeth the following week (coz I was having period and did eat anything before I went to see her).

Then, what happened was, a day before my appointment, I had severe tooth problem with my lower left wisdom teeth. Seriously in bad shape, went to the dentist and she said the treatment couldn't be done until the pain goes away. Then till now, antibiotics and pain killer have been my best friend so far. Next appointment will be on Monday - sakit ke tak sakit ke I dont care, really need to get the treatment. On Friday I was in sunny & hot Labuan for a site job and the pain was unbearable - maybe due to the weather kot plus dah sampai pening2 menahan sakit.

And now I got fever, tapi alhamdulillah feeling better sikit malam ni, semalam menggigil. Demam yg sakit2 badan punya. huhu. and yes, the pain with the tooth is still there. Tak kurang pun. Azabnya nak mengunyah Allah je yg tahu.

Anyway, my dentist suggested root canal treatment (saja lah nak income lebih ni kan.. hehe) and so I agreed. The appointment will be on Monday. Kalau cabut karang dah kurang pulak gigi nak mengunyah kat bawah. Just as a preparation, Im browsing some info on this root canal treatment. Look what I found.

Adoi, scarynye & god knows how much it will cost me!

Mmg demam dibuatnyaa.. tolonglah cepat hari Isnin.


Didi said...

OMg Achom, teringat balik kat my problem a few months ago.. mmg laa nothing can be compared to sakit gigi.. huhu..Sakit giler!
Btw, your company will pay for the treatment lah kan.. Because, yeah, the cost is gonna be huge. Good luck today!

~Mrs Fred~ said...


yeah..tell me about it! mmg sakit, aku dah MC ni.. hehe, as a preparation before jumpa dentist.
company cover pun rm 500 jer.. huhu..
thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...


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