Saturday, May 29, 2010

A month later...


Yes, I know. Its been a month+ since my last post. I was busy with the volleyball training, tournament at Tawau and finally the Born30 games in Labuan. Oh ya, we lost, for 3 yrs in a row to MLng, where we actually won the 1st round match to them but lost to them in the final (for 3 yrs!!!!!) And I cannot believe I will say this : I SO NOT going to play volley again, ever. Totally not my game.

Nuff said. Next year game is netball and I am really looking forward for it.

Anyway, my cheeky boy has turned ONE last week, alhamdulillah. How amazing and how time flies really fast and I don't want to miss any of it! Now he's very talkative ( with his very own language), dance every time he heard music, likes banana so much and walking all around the house everyday. See is passport photo, cute kan!!! Tapi kesian dia, x sempat lagi buat birthday party. We were too busy with Borneo Games, igtkan nak buat this weekend, but ramai takde.. long weekend so sumer org balik kg.. insyaAllah next week lah kot before his daddy off for KKp game.. (jeles tauuuu!!)

Actually byk sgt nak update, tp ngantuk lah pulak kan.. so next time je lah.. Ive lost my momentum to blogging, lagilah x semangat bila internet dah macam kura-kura..

Oklah.. lenkali sambung lagi..



zurahimi muslim said...

Wah dh amek gambar passport tu..heh Susah x handle

~Mrs Fred~ said...

zura, tak susah sgt.. dia duduk je diam2.. tp mulut dia nganga jer.. sebab tercengang tgk lampu and set spotlight dalam studio.. pastu aku pasang video dia gelak, baru gelak.. hehe..

zurahimi muslim said...

haha klakar...

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