Friday, April 16, 2010



Luckily the boy sleeps early tonite, he actually fall asleep in the car on the way back home from nursery. So i got plenty of time to surf on my July trip and yet till now haven't decided on where to stay. Uh, I was so used to planning trips in my uni years at UK, but now everything seems hard.

Anyway, as per my previous entry, my workload is getting more and more and more this FY. Sometimes I even had dream of things that I need to do at office. Hubby's sometimes gives hint on the idea of having another 'one', (you know what I mean..hehe) but I just can't cope with that for the time being. Not that I am being workholics, but its a responsibility that I have to carry on. Futuremore, my gynae said its better to have 2 years gap, considering that I went for C-sect last time. Its actually my 2nd operation, if you all are not aware (I had an operation - ovarian cyst in UK)

Anyway, next month is our B0rn3o game in Labuan. Im in the volleyball team. Now that we have training almost every day plus the friendly match, its very tiring. Coach said everyone in the team must be able to spike hard and you know how much energy needed for that, right? Hubby's in the dart team. So glad that he will only be away for a week and coming back next Tuesday. yey!!

In fact tomorrow we have another friendly match for 3 hours!!! gila x?

So oklah, I should take a long rest tonight and save my energy for tomorrow.



leeya said...

ish ish...super duper busy la mommy ilham nih.. ;)

main2 volleyball ni sure dah kurus kann..hehehe

tggu la baby akak tu besar lagi..hehe..kang makin sibuk laaa :)

rafaliah said...

update.. update..!:D

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