Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Uh, I thought when the performance appraisal was done, I could take a deep breath and rest a bit. Too bad, its not happening. In fact, more and more jobs are coming up for this FY(financial year).

How amaze it is, that I'm still awake now. My sleep time is normally around 9.30pm. 3 days in a row I had volleyball training and its very tiring. The cheeky boy have started walking and I keep chasing him around the house, especially the stairs! (Daddy, we really need to buy the stairs guard!)

Penatnya. Can't wait for a long break. I seriously need one.


CuppyCakeMommy said...

jom jom vacations

zurahimi muslim said...

Aku pon huhu :(

~Mrs Fred~ said...

mommy mia: mmg sgtlah nak vacation.. tp baru nak cuti satu hari, bos pagi2 lagi dah kol tanya pasal keje..camne lah kan..

zura; jom buat contract cepat2.. pastu pg US.. haha.. take it as motivation..hehe

** IIja Ramly ** said...

truly understand how u feel..myself has been fire fighting all these unbelievable workloads since forever! hubby already sent me 'love letters' via FB ( yea its that bad, need to communicate tru FB ) telling is it worth to work 12 hrs and leave the baby, chores to maid? touched, but with no option :(

tc! lets pray for the long break to come ( tapi if workplace tutup payah plak kan..hehe )

~Mrs Fred~ said...


U feel me.. huhu

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