Sunday, March 14, 2010

triple celebration!


Its performance review time again and I still remember all the bullsh*t I wrote for last year's.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the previous update, Feb-March will be a very super duper busy month. In fact I'm in KLIA now, waiting for my flight to Kuantan in 3 hours time. I brought along my laptop, coz I knew it will be my best companion for this trip. My cheeky boy is staying with his superDad and as usual, there's nothing to be worried.

Last week I was in Miri, for the H5Eiq final stage, representing our region. We won 4th placing, not too bad, out of 10 teams. The questions were OMG, I don't even know where they got it! So most of the time we were guessing the answer (org kata main tikam2 je..hehe). But anyhow, we really gain knowledge out of it and of course, enjoyed the game so much, despite the depressing time thinking what would be the correct answer. hehe.

Then I'm back in the office for the performance review write up. For the whole week I went back late at around 8pm, tu pun sebab lampu auto off at 8.30pm. Kesian hubby, tiap2 hari pun kitaorang makan luar. Then I continued at home, penat sgt. I even googled on how to write good. haha. Sampai dah blank. Well, I dont want to put high hope this time, as I wasn't performing that good during my Mid Year. (well, just came back from maternity leave, what do you expect lah kan..) My boss said our (me + my 2 colleagues in the section) ranking was good, among the top in the deparment and one of us is the 'anchor'(I don't even care). But tu baru department level. Not sure if the ranking will remain the same when it goes to KL soon, which usually not. (50-50 chance). Apapun Alhamdulillah. At least we are glad know that we are not among the bottom. The organization is trying to sack people out. Believed it or not, but I'm telling you its for real.

So, this Wednesday I'll be going to offshore (its been a year & half since the last visit!) for shutdown activities - 4 days. Ilham will be staying with his Lola (grandma we call, in Tagalog -Philippine). This is going to be his first time ever to over night there. Yes, Im a little bit risau, I hope he will be doing OK. Then, after coming back from offshore, I have to go to our onshore terminal gas, for another shutdown activity, covering my colleague for 3 days. Oh My, I can imagine the amount of energy needed for this triple celebration. At the same time, coping with workload in the office. I have a project going on, am praying hard it will run smoothly (baru lepas issue bid). If its successful, with Alllah's willing, there's a chance to go to overseas for the factory acceptance test. hahaha.. Now you know why I'm working very hard on this project. Yes, for no other reason.

I'm very thankful to hubby, who have been very helpful and understanding of my current situation now. He's also busy with his dart training for the coming B0rne0 games in May, as well as preparing for the Tilawah Al-Quran next month. I really adores his spirit & love. Im definitely sure I can't go through this alone without you Cayang! I love you, ever.

Hmm ok lah, my laptop is running out of battery and there's no power supply here! I will continue tomorrow kalau sempat. InsyaAllah.

Pray for me, OK. May I be able to complete all the activities safely.

C ya in a bit.


zurahimi muslim said...

heh aku korek2 ngan acting bos ko gak pasal ppa korang...aku rase bos ko sayang ko..dia tak sebut nama tapi aku rase aku tau...wink...btw, congrate..aku bangga kolo RE5 yang rank atas..cayok2...

~Mrs Fred~ said...

hahaha.. ada ke patut ko korek rahsia kitaorang.. tak tahu lah camne, yg penting bukan M3 aku dah bersyukur dah.. ala, ko pun sama kan.. hehe

zurahimi muslim said...

huhu doa2la...

ili syazwani said...

sibuknya kak ima ish ish ish. salah satu sebab apa ili adore kak ima. pray for you!

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Ili..tq for the prayers..

dun worry, u'll be joining the club sooner or later..haha..

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