Saturday, March 20, 2010

so close but yet so far


Im currently at offshore, at hubby's platform. No-no..its not what you think, hubby's not here. He's been assigned to monitor a pipeline installation job, so he has to stay in workbarge. And I am missing him badly, listening to his voice talking in the radio is breaking my heart.

Alala..mcm budak2 pulak kan. Yela, we are so close, just being apart by the ocean. He's at a remote platform while Im staying at main quarters. This platform brings so much memories to us, this is the place where we first met and actually fell in love (ala2 love at the first sight), this place is where my first big project was, my longest stay at offshore (ever!) - 3 weeks straight in a row, my first stay in a work barge for 3 weeks and there were a lot of things that Ive learned here. So now you tell me why should I not love this platform, kan?

Yesterday his boss asked if he wants to come back but he said no, then this afternoon also the same answer he gave to the boss. I was being a childish, merajuk lah pulak kan, so I wrote a little note for him ' sombongnya tak nak balik sini jumpa mummy....sedihlah..' and ada lah lagi ayat2 lain..hehe.. passed it over to my friend who went to quarters, but he's staying at the same work barge.

Then hubby called and he explained why he didn't want to go back. He said that he was actually dying to go back and kiss+hug me (haha..terus terang je cakap). Its just that his colleague is having fever, sampai tak boleh bgn and he wanted to rest in the room. If balik quarters kena keje jugak, so better for him(his friend) to stay there. So dia kesian, if he goes back nobody will monitor the job and his sick friend would have to then.

Hmm.. so no wonder he was giving all sorts of reasons to stay instead. Pasrah je lah. Terpaksalah menahan rindu.. huhu.. Since I was here, we only communicate through walkie talkie (which everyyybodyyyy will switch to the same channel when we were talking). But hubby will normally call once a day using the satellit phone at work barge. Org kat sini punya asyik menyakat jer.. layan je lah kann..

Nuff said.

Lets talk about the job, OK? Yuhuu.. one of my project has completed today and the contractors already demob from here. I'll be going back tomorrow anyway, coz I still have 2 outstanding projects, insyaAllah will be completed esok.

Rindu sgt si kecik yg lasak tu. I wonder how he's doing. I dont want to call, lagi sedih nanti.. huhu.. takpelah..esok nak balik dah pun..

OKlahh.. babai..


rafaliah said...

alarr...kau punya entry ni buat aku rinduuuuu kat 'My Dear' jugak taww.. tak sabar nak tunggu 5.30pm..! ha ha ha..

ili syazwani said...

comelnya entry ni hahahahahahaha. one side of you which i never known.

~Mrs Fred~ said...

lia..lorr.. ko takpelah..tiap2 hari jumpa.. huhu

ili: now u know..nampak jer brutal k ima ni..hehe

leeya said...

comel comel..hehehehe..

ilya syafeena said...

hehe.. comel nye. :D

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