Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Gosh. My blog has been in a hiatus mode for quite long. I even got no time to FB, like I used to be. So many things to be done, so many things happened and more jobs for me. February is a busy month, but Im telling you that March will be super duper busy, office + onshore + offshore. My week which I spent in Labuan earlier this month was splendid, most of the time I spent burning my face.. *uhhhhh.. then I got eyes infection, maybe it was tooo hot in Labuan plus, it was a gift from my son! (he got it first.pity him.)

@airport before leaving for Labuan..

collection of photos @ site (ni keje ke amik gambar??hehe)

Anyway, I'll be going to Labuan again for another site project, at least for two weeks! The reason why I voluntered was I think its gonna be a great oppurtunity to close my gap in the subject matter. I haven't spent so much time doing this since I joined the company, coz all this while I thought it was not in my ruler. hehe. sekali time2 nak acd baru perasan.. kekeke.. padanlah muka kan.

I recently participate in h5eiQ, wakil deparment. X pasal2 kena join, coz dah takde org lain lagi nak masuk. huhu. But you know what, we got lucky and won 1st placing in the interdeparment stage and will be representing our Sabah region for the international level. So dah bertambah2 keje, sebab every night kenalah baca something about hse, takkan nak kantoi bodo2 je plak kan masa quiz tu nanti. alang2 dah pegi, mesti menang, runner up pun jadi lah..haha.

Nuff said about work. If complaint pasal keje mmg sampai esok tak habis menaip.. bersyukur jer, at least still ada keje lagi kan.. huhu..

~his not-so-fav spot with his fav book..~

Anyway, my cheeky son will turn 9, next week. He's a very active boy, if sorang2 kena jaga dia mmg penat giler. He's crawling up the stairs already. Fridge and drawers kat kitchen semua dah selamat dia bukak dgn jayanya. I could not imagine how would it be when he starts walking later and I have to handle him alone for at least 2 week. *urghhh.. this is when I really need my superduper daddy to be around and help me out with the house chores. Daddi, I'm MISSING you like crazy here! come back fast!!

~tgk, lasak kan! he's trying to get off from my mom.. dia igt atas jalan tu boleh merangkak2 agaknya.. huhu~

~if atuk yg dukung budak kecek ni tak lasak sgt..~

Eh, suddenly I got extra time to update ek.. hehe.. actually yesterday we went to Kundasang and overnight kat sana. Coz lately in KK it seems to be very hot so saja lah nak jalan ke tpt2 sejuk.. sekali malam tadi menggigil tido sebab sejuk sgt..huhu.. if I got time I'll post more pictures later (kebarangkalian sgt rendah k, so don't expect too much..hehe)

~Mount Kin4b4lu at the back.. nice view kan..this is our 3rd time to this resort and yet hubby still belum pernah dpt ikut gi sini!~

~uh, our new baby.. (hubby said it was our anniversary gift kununnya) saja test power sampai Kund4sang..lepas jugak..hehe~

OKlah, time to sleep, while the baby is still sleeping.. karang confirm nak kena bgn dah tgh malam..

till then.


ili syazwani said...

i always adore you kak ima..

~Mrs Fred~ said...


tq. but give 10 reasons why.. haha..

leeya said...

seriusly geram dgn baby akak tu..comel hokayyy!

wondering camne la muka anak ez nanti.. ;pp

~Mrs Fred~ said...


haa..kahwin cepat..anyway, masa pregnant tu kena happy selalu, n tgk muka org2 yg cute2 jer.. haha.. kat sabah ni ramai yg cun2 kot, terkenan agaknya, takpun mmg mummy dia yg cute..hehe. boleh tak??

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