Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bye-bye Labuan


Alhamdulillah! What more can I say. The inspection was completed yesterday. And tonight we are packing our things to go back to KK.

Although there were few hick-ups before the officer came, which I didn't see it coming, I still managed. Bengang jugaklah with the operation, how could you not accompany the officer (at least before inspection tu lah kan). Safety briefing pun takde. Mcm hampes. I dont even know how you manage you plant man! People management pun out. huh. There you go, I'm telling you the truth.

Ha..geram kan. Tapi takpelah, dah lepas pun. Sib baik takde apa2. Lesson learnt for me.

Yang penting, my part is done. hehe. The plant start-up is planned on tomorrow's afternoon. Looking at the activity, its possible but its raining heavily now, so I don't think the vessel cleaning job can be completed by tonight. Pity them, dah 2 malam hujan lebat and somehow delayed the progress.

Anyway, hubby is so happy staying in the hotel for a week. Kan best kalau lama lagi - dia kata. haha. Thanks to him for babysitting Ilham. Im not sure how I'll do this without him.

Rasa bersalah pun ada, coz I left the hotel as early as 7.15am and balik kul 6pm (that's the earliest). huhu. OK daddy, I'll cook your favourite dish when we're back to KK ya.

Dah ngantuk lah. Last day pun lagilah lambat balik. Lenkali sambung yer... bye!
Adios Labuan!


Em's Family said...

i pulak selalu jugak cakap kat emran mintak duduk hotel lame2 haha, maklumlah sebab dia yangkeje kite lepak je

ReidLanza said...


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