Saturday, December 12, 2009

At site


Sorry for the long overdue update. Too much travelling lately, in fact I'm currently in Labuan for a plant shutdown activities. I'm bringing my 2 lovely boys along. Luckily the shutdown schedule is just perfect for hubby to babysitting Ilham while I'm burning myself at site under the great UV sun. After one & half years sitting comfortably in the office. *huh..

Well, to be truth, I really miss being at site. Monitoring the contractor' works and chasing them for the progress, especially during the shutdown period. You're only given 4.5 days to complete your works, by all means. Or else the terminal gas won't be able to supply gas to our customer and the whole Sabah will be blackout. Huhu.

Anyway, I didnt realize how big I am now until I tried my old/new coverall and.... it didnt fit!!! Sedihnya. How on earth??&^%$*!!! Actually it did fit, but too fit. haha. (still lagi tak nak mengaku tak muat.. hehe). So I ended up wearing hubby's coverall, with his name printed on it. Then everyone in the plant starts calling me with HIS name. *urghh. Everytime I tried to start a conversation with contractors I have to tell them "this is not my name, my name is..." again..and again..

Don't worry, new year is coming very soon and I think my biggest resolution for next year is to lose more weight and must fit my old pants! *duhh.

Oklah, I'm going to bed. I'll post some pics later.


^ez^ said... too la akak.need to lose more weight.. *wink wink* ;p

zurahimi muslim said...

nape kat labuan. heh ko sgt fit ye, aku plak tak muat huhu..alah tak kisahlah asalkan sihat..

~Mrs Fred~ said...

ez: ye ez, sama2lah kita berusaha as azam tahun baru..hehe

zura: shutdown kat LGAST. Vessel cleaning & dosh inspection. huhu.. tu ler, kata BF kurus, aku cam tak caya jer..haha

ili syazwani said...

hahahahahah kesiannya dah tak muat hehehehe. it hurts. i know.

~Mrs Fred~ said...

ili, tahu takpe. Truth really hurts! auwwww..

rafaliah said...

eehhh..bukan BF akan menguruskan badan ke..? aku ingatkan kau kurus tau, fizza..kan kau cite haritu dlm fone, BF lagi, pastu babysit ilham masa hubby takde.. camne nih..?kena mintak tolong NR kutt..hehee..

~Mrs Fred~ said...

lia, bukan kurus sgt pun sebenarnya.. tp ko lose weight faster than org lain lah.. hari tu aku cam dah kurus, sikit je lagi nak muat seluar lama..habis tu kan raya.. haha.. kantoi lah kat situ. aku nyer NR dah habis pulak.. so now tgh start balik..hehe

rafaliah said...

gambate fizza!once dah lose weight, kau akan memakai semua baju2 n suar2 yg dipakai before preggie dgn bangganya..! aicehh!

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