Monday, November 30, 2009

Yoga vs Gymnas


I think my son has a bright future as a Yoga instructor or gymnas. What say u?

He likes to do that either on the bed, his baby cot or on the tilam that we recently bought for his 'training ground'.

He's growing so fast and progressing well, alhamdulillah. Likes to eat and drinking less now. But tonight he's down with low fever. Maybe nak tumbuh gigi kot. No wonder yesterday dia meragam sikit.

I'll be travelling again to KL tomorrow morning as early as 6am flight. *duss.. agak2 kul berapa kena bgn tu yer. Of course this time around I'm bringing my little boy with me. Hopefully dia tak meragam. Huhu.

Wish me luck. Tomorrow is my lucky day. ;) Thank you Allah for the reward.



Leeya said...


btw, gud luck akak..hihi

~Mrs Fred~ said...

yer..mmg semakin hari semakin comel dan byk aksi2 akrobatik dia..hehe..

anyway tq!

Anonymous said...

ala cute nyer adreeyan nie..mine wil join the sme phase like urs soon choom

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