Friday, January 15, 2010

How could I?


OMG. I did one of the unforgiven sins in this world.

14th January, it was hubby's birthday. Only this morning when I looked at my calendar on the table I realized that I totally forgot that.

Immediately picked up the phone and wish him belated. He knew that I would missed his birthday. Uh, so selfish and forgetful I am. Then, when I looked again at my calendar, I didn't actually marked or highlight the 14th. All I got on the calendar is my meeting with vendor, my trainings, my datelines.

Teruknya. How could I, kan? I think the new 'cto' scheme and M3 rating that our organization had introduced recently made me what I am now. I forgot my friend's birthday and even worse, my other half. I left my son to stay longer at the nursery, so that I could stay back late at office and meet my datelines. Sometimes, on Saturday pun I send him off so I can go to office. I seldom cook for hubby now, coz I always get too tired after coming back from office. Hubby being so understanding and calm, went out to buy food for us or he suggested that we just dine outside. My BM is also depleting and now I'm trying hard to get back to normal. Coz I was too busy recently and I skipped my pumping session. Or maybe the stress.

Argh sedihnya. I felt guilty. How long does it has to be this way?

More work is coming in Feb & March. I'll be super duper busy. Luckily my parents will be coming in Feb for 3 weeks. But still, that does'nt excuse me from doing my chore job as mommy & wife, right?

Sorry Hubby, I'll promise you that I'll cook something special on Saturday, OK? Muahh.

For the best husband in the world.

p/s: betapa rasa bersalahnya sampai mengupdate blog kat ofis. huhu


Leeya said...

huhu..beshnya dapat husband yang sangat2 memahami sampai dia tak remind akak pun pasal besday dia.

bgla hadiah yg special utk dia nnt.hehehe..

~Mrs Fred~ said...


tq.. ntahlah kenapa dia tak remind yer.. ke dia sendiri pun lupa besday dia..hehe..

anyway, moga2 ez nyer bakal husbnd pun camtu jugak.. ;)

ciNot said...

pe2pun be strong k...never ever give less attention to ur growing up son. he is too tiny still to understand ur buzzinness with work loads dear..make up ur time

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