Wednesday, November 18, 2009



I've decided not to stay any longer in the office. It's just too much. I miss my 2 boys. Left as soon as 4.30pm today.

Maybe I was too tired, while playing with Ilham I fall asleep. Huhu. Nampak sgt penat kan. Tahu2 je Hubby woke me up 10 minutes before Isya'. Alhamdulillah for the past 3 days I didnt have to cook for dinner (thanks to all the meeting leftover in the office! :p)

Anyway, since we both are the big fan of the hottest drama in town - nur k4sih, we are going to do the marathon of the series tonight. Actually we only started to watch the series from Episod 14. Coz before that we didnt even aware of the existance, masa tu baru lepas bersalin, pindah rumah lah and mcm2 lagi.

OKlah. I miss to have my own sweet time with Hubby. Just like those old good days. *teehee*

Nur K4sih, here we come!


Leeya said...

salam..hi kak emma,

my new blog and new name..hehe.. u can guess me rite.. =)

malam ni nurkasih!! owh yeah..btw, thanks utk resepi lasagna tu..

ili syazwani said...

ili dah habis marathon!
hari ni punya nur kasih sedih..

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Leeya (bukan nama sebenar),

salam. mestilah tahu.. baru je nak msg hari tu tanya what's ur new blog add.takpe, ok jugak nama samaran tu.. abg Aidil sihat? hehe


tulah, k ima lambat sket tgk td, ada futsal. dun forget to watch next week, ntah2 last episod kot.. huhu

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