Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kumain na taiyo


Today I've decided to cook a special lunch for us. We had bfast at our usual place (boleh kata every weekend makan kat sana dulu time belum ada Ilham lagi..). Then went to the market to get all the cooking stuff.

So I cooked roasted chicken, vegetables, potatoes and corn. Its been ages since I last cooked this menu, way back in UK time study dulu.. I almost forgot the recipes. hehe. Uh, our kitchen is now 90% completed, except for the table top. To install it will takes 2 days and kena ada org kat rumah.. Since we are both quite busy now, we''ll have to postpone that later. I will definitely share my kitchen pics later keh. :p

Anyway, Hubby liked it! He said this should be our weekend menu.. insyaAllah lah yer, tak janji tau..hehe..

Oklah..really got to go. The lil kiddo is awake and asking for..what else lah kan. Milk.

C ya later.

p/s: Uh, the title is in Tagalog language means - marilah kita makan.. tagalog is improving kan hubby..hehe


Leeya said... sedap jek.

nak kena blaja memasak la dgn akak camni.hehe

~Mrs Fred~ said...


isk..isk..mmg sedap tau.. ala2 kenny rogers..hehe.. perasan tul.. :p

jeejoun said...

meleleh air liur aku,nnt aku suruh bini aku blajar masak ngan hang!

~Mrs Fred~ said...


baru aku baca comment hang ni..hehe.. lenkali aku letak lagi gambar makanan..hehe

Anonymous said...

wei chom..mail ler de resipi..nmpak sdap tuhh..sesekali bst gak aku tkar selera kt rmh

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