Monday, November 16, 2009

On track again


This blog has been hiatus for quite some time. Not that I dont want to update, but with so little time I have and how my workloads has become more and more each and everyday, blogging is the last thing on earth I wanna do. Plus, I've lost connection to the internet world since I left my laptop back in Seremban last month.

So, that explains, right?

Anyway, Hubby's around so I have plenty of time. He's been very helpful in the houseworks (well, anyway mmg its their responsibilities..hehe). Lots of things happened for the past few weeks /months. Gone through the mid year appraisal and guess what, the rating dramatically drop to the bottom compared to last financial year (*agaknya lah, based on what been told by my boss). It doesnt bother me at first, but somehow after hearing a lot of rumors of whats happening in the organization lately, it does now! Well, what do you expect from a staff who just returned from maternity leave lah kan.

Frustated? Of course! Rasa demotivated kejap..That is also one of the reason I've been silent lately. Nak mencari semangat yg hilang. Alhamdulillah, Hubby's always there to support me. Dia kata still ada 4-5 months to catch up..(betul betul betul). So lepas ni lunch time balik masak byk terus for dinner and I can stayback in the office, at least for 2 hours. Tahu2 je lah, working hours meeting je memanjang, dah nama pun operation office kan. Then Hubby will take care of our pumpkin kiddo (I'm telling you he's good at this, coz hari tu I went to KL, 2 malam dia jaga.. TQ cayang!! Really appreciate it!)

Nuff said. Doakan yg baik2 saja untuk hari yg bakal mendatang. Amin.

Continue to my work..Mr Fred pun dah buatkan Horlicks untuk saya.. I love you so much darling!

*ilham dah pandai merangkak 1-2 steps forwards, sampai dah jatuh katil..haha..

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