Friday, August 28, 2009



My baby is turning 3 months old this week, to be exact it was on Monday, 24th August 09. So far he's progressing quite well, alhamdulillah. He can now roll over his body and meniarap, since he was 2 months. And now, he will keep on rolling tgh2 malam pun.. so when he sleeps in his baby cot asyik nak terlanggar tiang, sib baik ada bumper.. huhu..

~ he likes to be on his playgym... abis dia tarik2 toys kat atas tu.. siki hari lagi confirm tercabut nyer dia kejekan..hehe~

~ dah start boring, mulalah buat aksi nak meniarap..~

~ yess!! I did it mommy! hoorayy..~

~ dah penat lah ni.. nak tido pulak..~

As for his hair, not so much progress I can say. haha. Since we sent him to nursery, Ilham senang jer nak tido. Maybe they trained him kot. He likes to ride in the car. Everytime bawak dalam kete jer, duduk dalam car seat dia mesti tido and senyap jer.

I think he's just like my husband. Not so much talking, but bila sekali borak2 punya kuat suara dia keluar. Or maybe he's just being a gentlemen. hehehe..kecik2 dah pandai yer. We'll see how it goes later. By the way, most people say that he looks a lot like me. Jeles lah Daddi nyer..

~like Mummy like son~

~ so not like Daddy kan.. hehehe.. he sometimes suka duduk dalam mei tai ni.. kekadang merengek cam tak comfortable.. maybe he's still too small to be carried in this..~

So you see, time flies really2 fast eh? I still remember when I first knew I was pregnant in last Ramadhan and now our baby is 3 months old! Amazing and sometimes I feel that I have never imagine this could happen to me. All I had in mind last time was to work hard, hard, harder. But now, that does not really matter at ALL.. My priority has dramatically changed and all the ambitious dream of being the- most-hard working-employee-in-town had gone by the wind. hihihi (I hope my boss dont read this..huhu)

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for this wonderful life. I can't wait to see my baby starts walking!!

OK, I better stop here. Sambil update blog sambil mengepam. Thanks to my Medela FS!!

Salam Ramadhan.


CuppyCakeMommy said...

baby mia today dah 3month lom pandaitiarap mulut mmg bising la..

~Mrs Fred~ said...


wahh.. 3months dah.. kalau ilham tak keluar cepat mesti anak kita sama DOB.. takpe. maybe Mia terus merangkak kot nanti..hehe

iBu ZulFaQar RayYaN said...

raya kat mana tahun nih achom?balik seremban tak?ader baju melayu untuk ilham?:)

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

yeah! my baby pun meniarap at 2 months. hihihi. btw, found ur blog thru sape nye ntah. nice blog! :) take care ya..

p.s. i terus rasa nak comment sini sbb tgk u guna medela FS! i thot nak beli FS gak tapi tgh fikir2 lg. err. any testimonial?? :D

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