Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka memoirs


Today is our very own Independence/National Day. Falls in Ramadhan month, so there's not so much celebration going on. Baguslah, mengurangkan gejala2 yg tidak sihat.

But there were a lot of memories I had on this special day. My parents used to bring us to watch the perarakan on every single year! Until I myself joined the parade with my brass band during my primary school for 3 years. The first year tu I was still Standard 3, mcm nak pengsan tunggu VIPs datang. Tu blum lagi kira berjemur time raptai - usually 3-4 days before.

In year 1996, during the rehearsel (2 days before) I got muscle cramp or whatever they call it. I could barely walk or even move my right leg. It got something to do on the knee. Sakitnya tuhan je yg tahu. So, terus kena bawak naik strecther to the nearest clinic. Kelakar giler. Punya jauh kena carry with the strecther. The nearest clinic was located at Wisma Punca Emas building. Dahlah time tu I was wearing a short skirt (luckily teringat nak pakai short pants time tu..huhu) pastu kena usung ke hulu ke hilir dgn benda tu. The doctor x-ray and found out that my otot2 cam kejang giler, hampir2 nak koyak. Uh, I could not imagine if that actually happens! Nangis2 time tu coz I knew that I wont be able to join the band for my last merdeka parade.

Anyway, disebabkan degil jugak, I insisted to join. My father was sooo angry at that time, he said ' dah sakit2 pun nak marching jugak..' but my mom, being a mother she understands how I really wanted to be in the parade. So to cut the story short, I joined my band and at the end of the parade kena masuk ambulance balik.. haha.. takpelah..once and for all..

Why I wanted to be in the parade so bad?? Coz feeling dia tu lain mcm sikit. Lebih2 lagi bila Merdeka dilaungkan.. Although kita generasi baru ni tak pernah rasa erti kemerdekaan yg sebenar, tp TV dah byk tunjuk filem2 merdeka ni.. so sedikit sebanyak mesti ada jugaklah perasaan tu kan.. huhu..

I wish I could share some pics here.. hehe.. tp cekci sikit aa.. mini skirt time tu.. but gambar2 semua kat sban.. maybe next time lah k.

Oklah.. FYI, this is my 4th time writing this entry.. byk sgt 'iklan' tadi.. dari sahur type benda ni, malam lepas buka baru publish..

Selamat menyambut kemerdekaan! ;)

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