Friday, July 03, 2009

I miss..


Oh my god. I really miss blogging. Too many things to share but yet so little time I have now. I miss hubby too. Hubby has gone back to KK and everything seems hair wired ever since. I got high fever day after that, org tua2 kata bentan (tu lah byk tak ikut pantang.. huhu) and I almost gave up on BF. Alhamdulillah baby was not affected and stay healthy as he is. Now I'm doing the best I can to reduce and eventually stop the Formula Milk.

Still in my confinement period, 4 more days to go. Till then, stay tune and I will update more later, insyaAllah.



^ez^ said...

take care akak...

Anonymous said...

yyy??? jgn give up BF if possible la chomm..

~Mrs Fred~ said...

silap statement.. give up to exclusively BF.. now dah ok dahh.. hari tu mmg tak larat giler cinott..

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