Sunday, June 07, 2009



Sorry, I couldn't keep my promises to update the blog since the last post.

Mom has restricted me from using the laptop and even watching tele for a long time. She said its not good for the eye untuk yg lepas bersalin. I thought it was only a myth, org2 tua dulu. But then only I found out that its totally true!

After spending more than half an hour in front of the laptop few days back, I already had the migrain. So, I'm going to do this fast & quick. If its not because of the IPC I won't be staring this laptop again.

Quick one:

1. Officially moved in to our new crib.
2. Ilham's is getting better at night time, sekali jer bgn. Alhamdulillah. His weight after a week is 3.8kg. Quite impressive!
3. Medela FS has been my best friend ever since I started breastfeeding.
4. Pumping session - 3 times a day. Each session I'm getting approximately 8 oz (4 oz from each). Syukur!
5. Myself getting better after the urut session and menu ikan haruan tiap2 hari. Kalau tidak nak bgn dari katil memang seksa.
6. Weight loss so far = 8 kg. jer???

OK, tunggu lah lepas 44 hari keh. Baru dpt update.

Take care & wassalam.

1 comment:

^ez^ said...

ha..sape suh jd degil.hehe..dgr cakap mak akak tu.hehehehe..

dah pantang tu duk diam2 je akak.hehehe..

selamat berpantang! ngee.. =D

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