Friday, May 15, 2009



So glad its Friday!! Hubby's gone to M1r1 for the B0Rn30 games this afternoon and as usual, me being a drama queen ALMOST running out of tears. It was a good decision by him, for me not to send him off at the airport. Hope he'll bring back gold medal for us! huhu

My friend Kuj4i will be accompanying me while hubby's away. (thanks to her!!) Hubby himself sms'ed her asking for her favour to look after me at our house. At first the initial plan was to stay at her house, but then I don't feel comfortable to staying at someone's house at this point of time.

Uh, anyway. Good news yesterday. *alhamdulillah!* I'm not going to share it with you until its official. Nantilah keh.. hehe.. Well, actually, it has been official but I don't want to put high hope, yet. Maybe ni semua rezeki anak kan. So far life has been good, alhamdulillah. (except for more and more work at office!). Another good news - our housing loan is approved and yey, its a full loan. *aiyakk..definitely has to refrain myself from shopping after this!*

We are so ready to move into our new house! *excited.i can imagine how my kitchen will look like..hehe* Although its gonna be quite hectic with baby Ilham's arriving in anytime soon, but insyaAllah, with Allah's will, semuanya akan dipermudahkan. *Amin..

And of course, if the good news is true, its all worth it - the sweat n tears!



zurahimi muslim said...

2 ek?alhamdulillah...:p

~Mrs Fred~ said...

hoho.. ko jgn coba nak buat spekulasi.. hehe.. mana ada.. nanti aku bagitahu aa.. huhu

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