Saturday, May 09, 2009

my FS & NR..


Uh.. the 'free' wireless connection is now back. huhu.. baru bersemangat sket nak update.. hehe..

Sorry for the long overdue update. I was extremely busy in the office, trying hard to clear all my task before my 60 days leave. I think I've been worrying too much if the person who is lucky enough to get the hand over next week won't be able to complete the task. hehe.

Anyway, my medela FS (Freestyle) dah sampai last Thursday! Of course it was nicely wrapped lah kan. Dahlah pakai address opis, karang kecoh laks..hehe.. Thanks to the seller. Highly recommended to all those who are still searching where to buy this amazing BP and only-god-knows how 'cheap' it is! Its definitely my CAPEX investment for year 2009.

~All in one box..~

~ Thanks again to Aja, the seller! check out her website keh for more info..~

Hubby & I was so excited when we opened the box.. terus tak igt2 nak assemble terus without reading the instruction (typical action bila dah excited..*hee..). Aja, the seller did send an email regarding 'first thing you should do when you received the item', tp I forgot to print it out. Iya2 kitaorang pasang, sekali tgk kena sanitize dulu in boiling water for 10mins. Huhu.. boleh tak terfikir pasal tu..haha..

Apapun, hopefully everything goes well after the delivery. I'm praying that Allah akan permudahkan my niat to exclusively BF my little precious Ilham for 2 years, insyaAllah. If kena gi offshore nak kena bawak my FS pun lantaklah..(I could not imagine that! huhu) whatever it takes. *chaiyok!*

Then.. I also received another set for my confinement on Wednesday.. *ngeh..ngeh*

~ Something for confinement later..~

Well, after few months of searching the best 'jamu' after bersalin, I've decided to try on this NR.. Tawakal jugaklah, coz some pple said that not all product suits well for you and baby, until you first try it. Mintak2 ok..amin.. (tak tahu lah lalu makan ke tak menda ni nanti..haha.. we'll see)

So, I had almost everything, except this one thing yg tak sempat lagi nak beli online.. Thought of doing it at home, tp last week my internet cam kura2 sket, nak buat kat opis busy lak so tgklah nanti esok ker beli. I'll tell you later. *grin*

Ni gambar lain plaks, takde kena mengena ngan topic kat atas. When I was downloading the pics from my camera, ada plak 2 gambar ni.. ni mesti my hubby yg amek when we did the outdoor photoshoot with Eppa..

~ Its obvious, isn't it! My tummy is big & HUGE & Effa dgn camera dia..~

~ Tired and exhausted after the shots, we went for a cuppa at kopitiam..~

Oklah, its bed time already.. tomorrow is Sunday, yey!! So far no plan yet with Hubby, coz he was feeling unwell since Thursday.. hari ni baru ok sket.. hopefully he'll get better tomorrow.. luv ya! *muahhhhss (saja bodek so that esok dpt gi shopping baju - my maternity clothes dah tinggal 3 helai je muat...hehe)

bye! have a nice Sunday!


don'tmisunderstoodme said...

wow.. hubby boleh jadi member of candid syndrome too.. hehehe..

~Mrs Fred~ said...

*ishh..dia dah kembang2 ni.. haha.. thanks anyway!

CuppyCakeMommy said...

hey..we have same due date tau..hehe..i nak link ur site to mine kay..tak sabar nak tunggu my tiny lil tot ni..hehehe

~Mrs Fred~ said...

Hi cuppy cake mommy,

thanks for dropping by my blog.. ha ahh lah..same due date!! huhu.. kita tgk siapa kuar dulu.. :p

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