Monday, May 04, 2009

Great weekend & great shots too!


There you go, I'm updating this from office!! Don't know why, but one thing I know for sure the IT doesn't block site anymore. huhu.

Anyways, weekend was great! And what more is this week is gonna be another long weekend as well!! On friday night we watched Xmen - OMG TOTALLY GREAT MOVIE! Saturday spent the whole day at home and yesterday we did some outdoor shooting (thanks to Eppa!)

She offered FOC shots and it turned out great (nice shots mate!) although hubby was quite shy2 malu2 kucing in front of her. Hubby is also not type of person yg suka bergambar. Only when he got married, he was forced to be photogenic. hehe. Oklah. The pictures will tell more.

Thanks again to Effa! Dah ada baby nanti leh amek lagi ek..hehe

p/s: thanks, but please don't complain of how big I am looking now! (Ilham, mommy loves you so much for your contribution on my weight gain!) :p


^ez^ said...

OMG!!!! akak, u nampak tembam betul la.hehehehehehe..


p/s: ez pon suke amik gambar.tgh berangan nak beli slr ni.hehehe..

btw, nice pic! =)

~Mrs Fred~ said...


nak kena tembak ni.. hehe.. tulah pasal, gemok kan.. haha.. tp comei..
jgn risau, lepas deliver jer main futsal hari2. huhu..

haa..beli..jgn tak beli.. akak pun 2nd hand jer dari bdk ofis.. member yg amek gambar ni pun beli 2nd hand..

^ez^ said...

yer,comei tetap comei..hehehe.dah 9 bulan ek?ish ish..tembam tembam..hehehehehehehe

akak punya kamera jenis ape ek?lupa dah..ez tgh survey2 gak ni.tatau nak beli yang camne.

~Mrs Fred~ said...

oohh..perli yer.. hehe..

btw, camera akak biasa jer.. Canon 1000D.. takat tu jer yg mampu nak beli.. hehe.. lagipun kalau untuk beginner sesuai lah..

iBu ZulFaQar RayYaN said...

tembam maaaaaaaaaa....huhuh dah dekat dah achom..kau bersalin kat mana?kat sana ke N9?

~Mrs Fred~ said...


huhu..tulah pasal kan.. mmg dah dekat dah.. aku insyaAllah..bersalin kat KK jer.. senang.. :P

Anonymous said...

he..he...msti it nvr cross ur mind that u cn be that big kan???? btw u still look ok w 9 mths preggy cmpared 2 me..what a nightmare...
opps i tell u the size will be evn worse 4 ur scnd pregnancy..(2 sme ppl only)..

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