Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bull Eye


beshnyaaa..esok cuti.. but we'll be spending the whole day packing our stuff and hubby requested his beloved wife ni buat kuih gula melaka. (ok, noted!). kekadang confused kejap siapa yg pregnant, coz throughout my pregnancy so far, he's been craving for all kind of food. hehe.

Anyway, I told you earlier that hubby will be representing our region for dart in the B0rn3o Games in Miri. So, ever since selected to be in the team, he's been practising quite intensively and even bought a dart board!!


~Its bull eye, baby!~

At first we were not sure of where to hang the board, since belakang pintu tu tak rata pun. But, betapa engineer nya wife dia ni (*hehe), I placed the polistrine (is that the correct spelling?) behind the dart board and huhu, it worked. Tulah, hubby was so eager to play nak rasmikan dart board baru dia tu sampai tak leh nak fikir..:)

I also play along with him bila dia tgh training. But then, abes lubang2 pintu coz my darts tak kena kat board pun..kena kat pintu. haha.. lantaklah.. nasib baik nak pindah.. heee

~ Hubby in action! (did you see the dart flying?)~

Ok lah.. nak sambung packing balik.. have a nice weekend everyone!

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