Wednesday, April 29, 2009

9 months & hot


Aiyak. The connection is getting worse day by day. *duhh.. Anyway, today I'm in my 36 weeks of pregnancy! How amazing is that, alhamdulillah! Time flies really fast and we are getting excited to become a parent and of course nervous - thinking are we (me, of course!) prepared enough for the labour anytime soon? Allah jer yg tahu.. semoga dipermudahkan segalanya nanti.. amin.. :)

Btw, today it was HOT and crazy in the office. No air cond, AT ALL. Org yg tak pregnant pun dah mcm mandi peluh, apa lagi yg tgh sarat ni ha. I could hardly breath, mcm suffocated pun ada. So after an hour I went down to the lobby and took some fresh air outside.Totally not an effective working hour for me. My boss then saw me and he asked whether I'm OK or not. Maybe dari air muka pun dia dah nampak semacam jer kot. hehe.

About an hour after, went inside the office and the air cond takde lagi, still. Sampai2 kat wstation, checked my mobile and my boss sms 'You may to take a rest at home, the air cond is still under repair, may take some time to up. take care.' huhu.. terus, tanpa membuang masa I called hubby to fetch me and send me back home (he's having a training at Pacific Sutera).

So I slept. hehe. The most precious thing for a pregnant lady. After lunch kul 2pm balik opis balik..

Lucky enough to have a boss like him, mmg understanding habis. huhu

Klah..time to sleep.


alifzaiya said...

wahh...beshnya dapat boss sporting dan memahami camtu...!!! jeles jeles.. =P

~Mrs Fred~ said...


tulah pasal.. skrang dia dah takde bagi keje.. huhu..

Didi said...

Hi achom, tak lama lagi yer nak bersalin... good luck, i hope everything goes smoothly for you! Nothing compares to having a first child.

rafaliah said...

teringat aku dulu..exactly 36 weeks delivered. now irfan already 6mths plus! and he's growing up soooooo fast and being toooooo active!! sampai aku sendiri tak larat.. tapi PALING BEST jadi ibu!!!

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