Thursday, January 15, 2009

save my network, please!


Soo sorry, Ive been idle for the past one week and not to worry, I got reasons for that. Huhu.

1. INTERNET is sooo worse than dial-up. Can you imagine that?? OMG Im shouting everytime I online. Nak bukak homepage pun takes forever.

2. Hubby is here! But he'll off for offshore soon. :(

3. I got tired easily. When hubby's around, balik keje as sharp as 4.30pm and cook for dinner and lunch. Lepas tu sure kaki cam kebas and penat sgt then tertido kat sofa.

4. We went house hunting. Alhamdulillah, maybe rezeki Ilham (our baby) that we got the house that we really wanted in the first place! Though it is a 2nd hand house, but its only been 1 year, at a prime area in KK so I guess we got nothing to lose, insyaAllah. (I'll tell you more bout the house in the next2222 entry) :p

5. Busy shopping and window shopped Ilham's stuff but in the end we end up watching movie. Hehe. Bought only a hooded towel.

6. I mentioned earlier that I can no longer update blog at office. Too bad, eh?

But seriously, the main reason is no 1. Oh, I certainly don't think that 'The Power is in my Hand'...


iBu Handsome boYz ZulFaQar RayYaN said...

wa..achom..bila due date kau??besh tau jadi mommy ni....tak terkata...

~Mrs Fred~ said...


insyaAllah end of May.. ni pun aku dah tak sabar.. tak sabar nak cuti panjang.. hehe

Anis said...

hi dear,pls feel free to visit us AUTH COACH bags from RM399 during this Bday Special Sale :)thanks darling :)

nUkiLaN aLiz said...

huhuhuhu...jelesss...jelesssss :(

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