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OK, I can't stand the network slowliness so here I am, updating from office and I have to bring my laptop along. Coz our dear IT experts blocked the blogger site but I'm still lucky enough to read blogs. Hehe.

Anyway, sorry. I've been too busy to update this blog everyday. I was in KL few days back, attending training and did some shopping (real one!) for Ilham and mommy lah, of course. My parents and beloved nephew - I'aan accompanied me at the hotel and lagilah takde masa nak blogging kat bilik.

I wanted to tell you more bout the house kan tp I think I would like to reserve that until we move there. It was not easy as we thought (buying 2nd hand house) coz to utilise company's loan we have to go through some evaluation. We actually skipped that step (already paid the booking fee to landlord). The evaluator said our home-to-be value was this amount but the selling price was quite higher than that. Meaning to say that the amount given by evaluator is the only amount that we can loan with company and the rest we have to pay in cash. Goshh! Its not that we don't have enough money to pay cash (cukup2 jer sebenarnya..huhu) but we do have other priority, i.e to use the money for Ilham later. Although company will pay for all the hospital expenses but who knows kan..

Ever since we saw the house we already have in mind of how we would like to design the kitchen, rooms and living room. hehe. When I was studying in UK last time, I subsribed the good home + beautiful house magazines and I brought it along to Sabah. (like I already knew that I'm going to marrying a local Sabahan..hehe)

So, these are the hurdles, twist and turn in marriage life. Alhamdulillah hubby is a very calm person (although he almost gave up) and we both tried to find alternatives by all means to solve the problem. Since now he is at offshore I myself will try to deal with a malay lawyer from the same evaluator coz we never know, it could be Ilham's luck kan! Hehe. Ameen.. doa-doakan lah ek! To use bank loan would be our lastttt choice coz it is way to expensive compared with the company's loan. (bout rm300+ differences)

Initially, I dont want to buy a house here in KK. Coz its too expensive - dah mcm KL (ada emas kot dalam simen dia. hehe.. hubby mesti marah bila I said that.. haha). But I have been doing a lot of thinking since Ilham came into our life (naughty boy.. you are so like Daddy.. nak duk KK lama2..:p) I wish to stay here longer, insyaAllah at least for another 7 years.. so why not beli jer rumah sini kan? Actually hubby already bought an apartment last year (end of year baru boleh duduk) but its a 2 rooms apt and I think it is quite small for us. But the apt is good for investment though. Alhamdulillah we already got a tenant.. hehe.. She is my x roommate (jadi tau jgn tak jadi..haha). So we are not too worry bout the apt.

KK is definitely a good place to save money (I mean, a lot!) coz you can get any kind of fish and fresh veges with a cheap cheap price. My mom even went out of her mind bila kat market and she will buy all sorts of veges nak bawak balik Sban. Haha. But it will only means a lot when you cook - no eating outside coz its much more expensive - mcm kat food court KLCC jer harga dia. Sekali sekala bolehlah. As a wife, I try to save hubby's pocket money by cooking our meal rather than eating outside. From breakfast sampai dinner. Kalau weekdays tu, dinner + lunch lah at least. Tp if weekend full meal lah. Penat jgk, tp ku gagahkan jugak diri. huhu. Plus, no traffic jam, office is just 5-10 mins away and its green everywhere! Boleh nampak Mount Kinabalu tiap2 hari.. kalau pagi lagi cantik sgt..subhanAllah..

Oklah. I think I've been writing too long. Doakan kitaorang k. Will update later!

Zillion thanks!! tata..


nUkiLaN aLiz said...

waa..ko mmg totally nk jadi org KK ye..insyaAllah aku pun dh pasang niat utk honeymoon kat sana hehehe..mebi ko leh tlg bagi guide nti ;)

~Mrs Fred~ said...

huhu.. boleh2.. dtg nanti inform lah.. aku nak duk lama sket lah kat sini.. best.. tp nak balik seremban jgk later.. :p

Ibu Emir said...

confirm jadi orang sabah ya!! ok next time if i go to sabah, i know who should i pay a visit heheeh

~Mrs Fred~ said...


you are most welcome! hehe..

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