Saturday, January 03, 2009

climb baby climb!


Its Saturday and I'm spending my time at home. Or else I would be hanging out with my girlfriends and stays at Farah's place which is just a walk away from the shopping mall in town and of course, so near to the office that I could wake up at 7.00am. Hehe. During new year's eve, we had our ikan bakar (so fresh + yummy) at pasar malam behind the Filipino market and then a drink at Coffee Bean.

But Farah + Kujai are joining the Mt Kinabalu expedition. Its going to be the first time for Farah and Kujai is her 2nd time. The first time she climbed the mountain was with me and friends, back in 2006. (God knows the aftermath of the expedition and I assumed she must have forgotten how it was!)

They took off yesterday, after lunch with others (around 40pax). But only this morning they will start climbing the mountain. Its raining here in KK, but not sure what is it like there. I hope its not going to rain tomorrow, especially at around 2 or 3 am in the morning since they will resume their toughest journey, from Laban Rata to the top of the mountain.


I know by the time they are reading this, its kinda too late to wish all the best but don't worry, my pray will be with you girls. Huhu. Maybe a good luck after climbing pun ok gaks. Hehe. We'll see nanti.

Oh, I am missing my hubby so bad!


don'tmisunderstoodme said...

nampaknya dorang sedang sangat bersemangat tadi. harap2 selamat semuanya.

~Mrs Fred~ said...

tulah.. hujan plaks pagi tadi.. siannya.. mesti sejuk giler..
hopefully semua OK..

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