Friday, January 02, 2009

he's moving


Wow, last nite I felt the baby's kicking while watching tv. It was so obvious and now I'm 100% sure that it was him. Actually it started since last week, but I wasn't sure if its the baby or maybe its just my imagination.

I told hubby just now and he was excited too although he was not with me to experience it. Don't worry, OK? There's always next time for another 5 months.

Now most of my clothes doesn't fit anymore, even my baju kurung. The tummy is getting bigger and bigger, everyone thought that I'm 6-7 months pregnant! Can you imagine that. During our last check-up at 17weeks, the baby weighted about 230gram which is equivalent to a 19-20weeks baby and my gynae keep asking my last date of period - takut tersalah kira. So now I have stop taking pills and vitamin and Anmum, takut karang baby besar banget. I don't want and I'm not ready for a Caesarian, coz I already went through all that (well, not exactly C-section but similar to that) while I was in UK last time. My next check-up will be in 2 weeks time and we'll see how the baby is progressing from there. I think if I tak amek vitamins pun, I frequently take my meal, 6 times a day.

Another obvious changes is I'm not comfortable sitting and standing for a long time. So kat office, mcm tak selesa sgt. Every hour mesti nak jalan2.. kalau dpt baring sekejap pun best.. Recently at Farah's place I cooked and then I can feel the pain at my back and legs. Oucchh.. everything seems uncomfortable now, eh?

Oh, and its another 5 months to go....

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