Thursday, January 01, 2009

Its new year everyone!


Happy new year to all! I'm turning 29th this year, not so bad huh?

Alhamdulillah, Allah gives us chance to be a parent this year, insyaAllah. Hubby is so excited to meet future Ilham (our baby's name) and so do I. I bet it'll be an exciting journey but at the same time, I am afraid too. Will I able to take good care of this amanah by Allah, raise him up perfectly so later he will able to uphold the islamic values everywhere he goes?

I was not a perfect khalifah to Allah in 2008 and for that I felt guilty and afraid if HE takes everything away and we could never expect that. Hubby has been a good friend, buddy and husband to me and I also feel ashamed to myself. He himself is Al-Hafiz, recites Quran dgn lancarnya and wakes me up for Subuh every now and then. While I am the other way round, if you know me. Huhu. For me, married to him was the best thing ever happen to me in 2008. I could not ask for more. I always talk to Ilham, that later when he arrives in this world, to be like his daddy, never like mommy, OK. Hehe.

My job last year was never easy. But Alhamdulillah, I completed my projects with minor punch lists and my analysis and studies on this one thing was recognized by the boss and manager. Not like I'm getting reward in cash or such, but the 'thank you' word means a lot for a little engineer like me. Haha. Insyallah this year I will work hard and be a good employee, at least before my maternity leave. Haha. No one knows what will happen later, right? hehe. The priority always change once you have a baby.

Hmm, I think it's too long to mention about everything here but I could say that 2008 was indeed the best year so far! I have mentioned what I wish for 2009 in previous entry, right. So tak yah tulis lagi lah kan.

Till then, Good luck and all the best everyone!


Ibu Emir said...

baby on the way.. yadadadaa... u know most of colleagues sangat dicintai oleh boss sebab keje kuat, now gone after ade anak, kalau boleh semua nak balik awal, hahaha..

~Mrs Fred~ said...


yeah, I so know that it will happen to me too.. hehehe..

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