Thursday, January 29, 2009

the palace it is..


OK, I promise this is going to be short.

I felt terrible. I've lost interest in my work and all I keep thinking is my maternity leave.. hoho.. So you see, you never know this is coming, until you experienced it yourself. Apparently, my paper was selected to be this symposium (next week), which now I don't even feel like presenting, at all!! (yeah..yeah.. I submitted the abstract 3 months back - was still a workholic mom-to-be that time)

~30 minutes ago..-please mind the quality of photo which was taken using hp camera- I think the laptop screen will blackout in another 10 more minutes coz I'm going to bed! haha.. (Ilham, don't be like your mommy, OK?hehe)~

Today is actually the submission of the presentation material but I'm still not done. arghh.. tekanannya.. early morning esok kena review jap ngan boss, then submit terus. So tonight nak tak nak kena habiskan.. uhuk..uhuk.. nangislah camni.. yesterday I stayed late at office and today pun sama.. tadi ada BP & BMI check (they do it monthly) pastu the medic said my BP is quite low. OH my, maybe its the stress and keje yg byk lately.

But anyway, I'm still looking forward to attend the symposium because its going to be our 1ST ANNIVERSARY, hubby will be back from offshore and join me later at.....



Although not on the anniversary day itself coz he's still at offshore on Monday and his crew change is on Tuesday, it does not matter. As long as we can have a small & sweet celebration, the accomodation is free, that is more than enough. Hmm.. what shall I get him for an anniversary gift, eh?

huhu.. I just love working in this company!

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